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We are happy to inform you that the MSM Corporations and all affiliates have
re-grouped to better serve your production needs.
We have done this by creating a new, permanent office and a new business entity that will
handle all production labor and manpower related issues.
Still under the watchful eye of Mark S. Mina, CEO and President, MSM First Stage will continue
to handle all phases of the production including:
consulting, staging, lighting, backline, pre-production and post-production.
We are prepared to supply you with:
sound and lighting techicians, backline personnel, master electricians, carpenters, loaders,
production managers, stage managers and production assistants
Fully insured, MSM First Stage is the best way to go for all your production needs.
We have a deep and varied talent pool, each member of which must prove himself or herself
on every job to ensure continuance.
Many of your favorite vendors also employ our services to ensure quality and budget integrity.
Please contact Mark S. Mina and remove some of the biggest questions about your project.
Take advantage of our 20+ years of production experience and let us provide the best
available crew resources without exploding your budget
(before or after the event).
MSM First Stage has the answers to your labor questions,
so give us a call to eliminate your budget and site headaches.
We look forward to the opportunity of proving ourselves, over and above.
Thank You