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As per February 1, 2005, New York State is requiring MSM to either give a
Federal ID number or a written invoice from each of our sub-contractors or
we will have to start deducting the necessary Federal, State and City taxes.
Please furnish this office with your Federal ID number, a copy of your business
card or any documents stating that you are an independent contractor.
I understand that as an independent contractor of MSM First Stage
I will be paid in full for my services and will be responsible for
withholding taxes from any and all compensation I receive from
In the event that my earnings surpass $600.00 in any calendar year, I will
receive a 1099 form at the end of that year stating my earnings and will be
solely responsible for paying all taxes on those earnings.
As an independent contractor, I am ineligible for unemployment benefits,
disability, or workman compensation.
If you are not an independent contractor, You will need to complete and
sign a W-4 Form at the office of
MSM (Employee’s Withholding Allowance