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Straight Time: Our published rates are in effect daily from 6:00 a.m. until 12:00
MSM requires notification of cancellations a minimum of twenty-four hours
prior to the scheduled call time. Any cancellations without notice will be billed as a
half-day call for each individual.
Payment Policy: Deposits are required at least five days prior to event load-in.
Payment of all balances due payable at time of load-out unless previously
negotiated in writing by Mark S. Mina personally.
Overtime: Overtime will be billed after ten (10) hours worked in a calendar day.
Holidays are billed at time and one half. Terms are standing unless re-negotiated in
writing by Mark S. Mina personally.
Meal Breaks: Meal breaks must be given after four but no more than five
consecutive hours of work. A 10 to 15- minute break will be allowed after 2 hours
of continuous work.
Safety: MSM considers safety to be a mutual responsibility and obligation of MSM as
well as the client. We require our crew, the client and the venue to provide a safe
working environment that respects all federal, state, and local ordinances, as well
as industry standards, to safeguard the individual and the public.
MSM withholds
the right to refuse to perform any task that we deem not safe or creates a
hazardous situation.
Crew Chief: All crew calls require a working crew chief per every ten men.
Time Differential/ Overtime: Calls exceeding ten (10) hours and calls occurring
between 12:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. are billed at a rate of time and one half the
normal rate for those hours.