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Please contact Mark S. Mina
regarding rates for the following
services provided by MSM:

Working Crew Chief
Rigger UP
Rigger DOWN
Scaffold Climber
Stage Builder Technician
Follow Spot Operator
Fork Lift Operators
Truck Driver
Van Driver
Production Assistant
Board Operator
Working Crew Chief: one per ten man crew
Rigger UP: overhead person that secures rigging
Rigger DOWN: ground person who works with rigger UP
Scaffold Climber: harnessed or climbs above 16ft
Stage Builder: responsible for structural safety
Loader: semi-loader, pusher
Follow Spot Operator: responsible for cues during a show
Fork Lift Operators: certified operators
Utilities: painter, carpenter, electrician
Drivers: certified truck and van drivers
Runner: production assistant
Board Operator : trained audio & recording engineers